Arkansas Electrical Liscen Exam

To bid and work on construction projects in Arkansas that cost $20,000 or more, you must get a contractors license.

To find out if a contractor is licensed in Arkansas, click http://www.state.ar.us/clb/search.html or call (501) 372-4661. To find out if a plumber is licensed in Arkansas, call (501) 661-2642. To find out if an electrician is licensed in Arkansas, call (501) 682-4549 or click https://www.ark.org/labor/electrician/roster_download/index.php. To find out if a boiler installer is licensed in Arkansas, call (501) 682-4514 or click https://www.ark.org/labor/boilers/roster.php. To find out if an asbestos abatement contractor is licensed and certified in Arkansas, call (501) 682-0719 or click http://www.adeq.state.ar.us/air/asb_lead/license/lic_asb_sql.asp. To find out if an alarm system installation contractor is licensed in Arkansas, call (501) 618-8600. Contractors Classifications Plumbers Licenses Electricians Licenses Asbestos Abatement License and Certificates Boiler Licenses Alarm Systems Installation License Department of Transportation (DOT) Out-of-State Corporations Arkansas licenses both commercial and residential contractors. To apply for the license to work on construction projects, contact:

The application will ask you for: a financial statement a statement of your experience professional references Commercial Contractors Classifications

Youll also be asked which classifications of work you want to do in the state. Heres an outline of the commercial classifications Arkansas uses:

Mechanical contracting (master plumber and class A or B HVACR licenses required for this classification):

You can pick any of these trades as a specialty except heavy construction, highway, railroad and airport construction, municipal and utility construction, light building and building contracting. The Board considers these as general contracting classifications of work. To qualify for any trade you need five years of experience in it. You also have to give the Board a list of equipment you have available to use in the trade.

You need four years of experience and have two verifiable references to qualify. The license will authorize you to do both residential building and residential remodeling work.

You will need proof of two years experience and two verifiable references to qualify. A contractor holding a commercial license from the Board with either the Building or Light Building classifications is considered to be qualified to perform residential building. However, a Residential Building class must be requested in writing prior to performing the work.

Both commercial and residential classifications require that you pass an exam.

The exam covers law and business. Its an open book exam with 50 multiple choice questions. Heres a breakdown of the content of the exam:

The laws and business subjects in the exam come from the Arkansas Contractors Reference Manual. To buy the book, call 1-877-622-8191.

Arkansas has reciprocity with Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. You must complete a Request for Verification of License and Affidavit form. The reciprocity is for exam waiver only.

You must have a license to do plumbing work in Arkansas unless you work only on your own residence or agricultural buildings. The agriculture buildings must be outside city limits and they mustnt be connected to a public water line, sewer, or gas line. To apply for a license, contact:

Arkansas issues master, journeyman, restricted, plumber and/or gas inspector and apprentice licenses. Youll have to take an exam to get a master or journeyman license. To take the master exam you need to have five years of plumbing experience or be a professional engineer in plumbing engineering. For the journeyman plumber exam you need four years of plumbing experience. If youve had a journeyman license for a year, you can take the master exam.

Plumbers license fees: The master plumbing exam costs $125, and the license costs $200. The journeyman exam costs $75, and the license $75. An apprentice license costs $25. All licenses are good for a year, but they all expire on December 31 each year.

Youll need a state license to do electrical work in Arkansas.

An applicant for a state electricians license must pass an exam, in addition to meeting experience or education requirements. Requirements for each classification are listed below.

The exam for industrial maintenance license is given by the Board. All other exams are given by:

The reference material for all exams is the NFPA 70 - National Electrical Code, available from the National Fire Protection Association.

Electricians exam fees: The exam costs $56 (paper and pencil) or $86 (computerized) for master or journeyman, and $25 for industrial maintenance electrician.